Flexible. Functional.


Using non proprietary hardware gives you the ability to source you hardware on the open market. Likewise the system allows you to replace scale components not the entire scale. Giving the flexibility of plug and play components.


Using robust computer processing and the power of new software tools , this scale system has great features and the ability to customize processes - as new food management methods evolve.

Digiscale is the latest full-color screen designed scale interface that has incredible flexibility and customization to handle anything a department requires. Digicomm designed this scale with the latest in modular technology using nonproprietary hardware components. Aren’t you tired of replacing and repairing all-in-one scale systems where any part of the scale can render the whole scale inoperable? As you know, any failure of a component and the entire scale must be replaced or wait weeks for a possible repair. Not anymore, with our Digiscale if a component fails you can replace that component - in a plug and play environment. This technology enables accurate pricing, margin control, easy promotion maintenance, and simplifies management of fresh or dried food items. We understand your need to have a system that is robust, cost effective and easily maintained. This system is sure to exceed your expectations in quality, service, design and function.